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Adding ColorPicker jQuery plugin to a WordPress plugin admin panel

I was working on a WordPress plugin and needed to add a color picking ability for the admin panel. After doing some research I ended up with a few choices but decided to go with ColorPicker jQuery plugin. Installation required nothing extraordinary, just made changes to the CSS file. I like to keep my resources in separate folders so instead of having everything under images folder, I have them under "images/colorpicker" folder.

The WP plugin I am built has the ability to set default color for the color picker from the plugin settings page. The preset color would load during the colorpicker initial load. I selected "#faaf40" as the default color but started to have a really weird error! My form would not submit with the set color. On Safari I wasn't getting any feedback, but on Chrome I could see a message saying

Please shorten the text to 3 characters or less (you are currently using 17 characters).

Initially I did not even notice this, I thought something from the jQuery side of things were failing on form submit. I looked into the colorpicker code and realized the RGB/HSB text fields are limited to 3 characters. I figured out the conversion of the hex "#faaf40" was causing the issue. So I slightly modified the "fillHSBFields" assignment(starting on line 35)

fillHSBFields = function  (hsb, cal) {

I simply rounded the calculated HSB values!